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At Custom Terra Cotta Manufacturers, we love the look of terracotta clay facades as much as you do, and are just as frustrated when they chip, crack, or break and need terra cotta restoration. And to save you the time, money and headaches of replacing your terra cotta building facades, we offer our lighter and more durable solution, MasterEmaco. This attractive facade option is just as beautiful as architectural terracotta clay, but will withstand more weather damage and is still available in all the colors of its more fragile clay counterpart.

We make them on sight, paint them in your choice of color using an epoxy that doesn’t chip or scratch and is UV resistant, and we can produce them faster and cheaper than clay terracotta. We have a catalog of options and colors, or can do something custom if you choose. Order your facades, and your licensed contractor can install our architectural terracotta with ease. They look identical, and only you will know they aren’t actual clay.

At Custom Terra Cotta Manufacturers, your home’s facade is our life’s work.


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Custom Fabrication

Our terra cotta manufacturers can make any type of facade you desire down to the most intricate detail, or you can choose one of our facade options from a catalog of customer favorites.

Economical Price

Using our proprietary terracotta building materials and not the more expensive terracotta clay in traditional facades, we can cut the cost in manufacturing and pass those savings on to you. 

Speedy Manufacturing

Custom Terra Cotta Manufacturers makes every facade in our own facility using the latest fabrication tools, and can have a finished product much more quickly and with less hassles than with clay.


A Company the People Trust

Custom Terra Cotta Manufacturers has been crafting these beautiful facades for many years and our reviews from satisfied customers speak for themselves. They trust us, and so should you.

High-quality Service and Product

We have gone into painstaking detail to create a product that will be not only attractive but durable, and trained our people to assist you with your selection of our amazing architectural terracotta product.


At Custom Terra Cotta Manufacturers we deliver the highest quality solution for your facades, custom architectural terracotta. First-class product, economical price, and fast delivery, that’s for what our terra cotta manufacturers are known for.


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